Suarez Family Brewery: A Mom-and-Pop Production in Livingston, NY

Husband-and-wife duo Dan Suarez and Taylor Cocalis-Suarez admit they took a roundabout path to reach Upstate New York. After meeting in the city in 2007, the couple relocated to Greensboro, Vermont, where Dan cut his teeth working alongside brewmaster Shaun Hill for three years at the acclaimed Hill Farmstead Brewery. With dreams of launching their own small-scale operation one day, it wasn’t long before the couple began researching potential brewery locations, eventually landing on New York for its wealth of small-business incentives and Dan’s brewing contacts. They loved living in pastoral Vermont, but with the region’s small brewing scene already booming, they felt there “was room to contribute to a growing brewing community in New York.” When Dan’s brother, Nick Suarez, put an offer on the space in Germantown that would later become Gaskins, that was when they knew for sure that Columbia County was where they should be.